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Our Government

The Rural Municipality of Prairie Lakes was incorporated on January 1, 2015 via the amalgamation of the RMs of Strathcona and Riverside.
Strathcona History 
Belmont, at its inception, was originally part of the R.M. of Argyle, which included the area now known as Strathcona. About 1905 a modern hotel was in the process of being built in Belmont, when the Municipality of Argyle enforced a prohibition by-law, thereby denying a liquor licence to be granted. The people of this area petitioned to form their own municipality. On March 16, 1906 the Provincial Government of Manitoba divided Argyle, forming the new municipality of Strathcona with its headquarters in Belmont.
Riverside History 
The C.N. railway was built through the R.M. of Riverside in 1898 just one year after they became incorporated. It was officially opened on September 21st, 1900. Railways were the lifeline to every town, village, and municipality. Settlers looked for land near a railway, and towns could not exist without them. The railway brought immigrants and freight from Winnipeg.
The growth of the municipality hinged on the railway in that they were essential to ship the farmers' grains at harvest time to Winnipeg where they were processed. Extra freight trains were added at harvest to deal with the large amounts of grain being harvested.
Though the rail lines no longer run through our municipality, we are still an active farming district in the heart of the Canadian prairies. Dunrea and Ninette are charming small towns with a rich atmosphere of farming culture, and warm-hearted community spirit.