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Address:108 1 St, Box 82 Belmont Manitoba R0K 0C0

Contact:Ken Pratt

Phone : 2047762210

Address:Dunrea Dunrea Manitoba

View in Map Phone : 1866776208 Fax : 1204776223 Website :

Address:#1 Can Am Road, Margaret, P.O. Box 9 #1 Can Am Road Margaret Manitoba ROK 1J0

Description:Our dedication to high-efficiency manufacturing and top-quality standards has helped us become one of the largest suppliers of metal roofing, siding, metal poles, rebar and cladding accessories in Western Canada. Our 40-year warranty and highly competitive pricing are testaments to this.

View in Map Phone : 2045237088 Cell : 2045232334 Email : Website :

Address:530 Willams Ave, Killarney, Box 1469 Killarney Manitoba R0K 1G0

Contact:Deb Robins

View in Map Phone : 2045237088 Cell : 2045235623 Email : Website :

Address:530 Willams Ave, Killarney, Box 1469 Killarney Manitoba R0K 1G0

Contact:Arlene Klassen

View in Map Phone : 2047273799 Fax : 2047273749 Email : Website :

Address:408 Park Ave. E Brandon Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Geoff Gregoire

View in Map Phone : 2045238712 Fax : 2045234379 Email : Website :

Address:MB-18, Box 628 Killarney Manitoba R0K 1G0

Contact:Phil & Lisa Quiring

Description:Hours of operation: 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m. Mon-Fri Other appointments available upon request

View in Map Phone : 2045282683 Email :

Address:102 Baptist Bay, Box 254 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Marjorie Fraser

Description:East of Ninette on PTH 23, turn South on Manhattan Beach Road for 1.5 Miles A quiet retreat offering luncheons, dinner and tea gatherings. Can accommodate groups up to 18 people. Also offer Bed and Breakfast.

View in Map Phone : 2045283477 Cell : 2047297240

Address:108 Prince St N Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Phone : 2045283363 Cell : 2042152157 Email : Website :

Address:Ninette, Manitoba, Box 231 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Daniel Simpson

Description:General Contractor, Journeyman Carpenter

View in Map Phone : 2047612904 Website :

Address:305 Dunlop St S Dunrea Manitoba

View in Map Phone : 2048257254 Cell : 2047302584 Website :

Address:110 Princess Street N Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Eric & Jaylene Evans

Description:We sell leeches, frozen salted minnows, night crawlers, and live minnows.

View in Map Phone : 2047619699 Email : Website :

Address:Ninette Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Nicki Podworny

Description:Our mission is to help our clients achieve the best possible results through nutrition and fitness. We will create a lifestyle change that you can maintain. I provide a personal workout space to train my clients one on one. I also train clients at their home and online. Facebook:

View in Map Phone : 2047762047 Email :

Address:NW 23-5-20W, Box 85 Minto Manitoba R0K 1M0

Contact:Rick Fraser

View in Map Phone : 1204528330 Website :

Address:NW 7-6-16 W Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Myra Jonsson

Description:A family-owned and operated business which provides handcrafted silk memorials to be placed at a loved one's final resting place or for use during the funeral service.

View in Map Phone : 2045282653 Email :

Address:Front St E, Box 100 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

View in Map Phone : 1204825016 Email : Website :

Address:Pleasant View Dr Pleasant Valley Manitoba R0K 0C0

Contact:Tina Dousselaere

Description:50 well-treed, private sites available with 50 or 30 amp service. Camp with us for a weekend, a week, a month, or join us for the entire season.

View in Map Phone : 2049014551 Email : Website :

Address:Valleyview Drive Ninette Manitoba

Contact:Holly Lussier

Description:For Bookings:

View in Map Phone : 2045283371 Email : Website :

Address:207 Queen Street N Ninette Manitoba

Contact:Brianna Cullen

Description:Seasonal restaurant serving ice cream, burgers, pizza, chicken and much more.

View in Map Phone : 8448439738 Email : Website :

Address:Southwest Manitoba

Contact:Pam Hardy

Description:Full service pet grooming - appointments can be made by phone/text, email or online (see our website).

View in Map Phone : 2043128445 Email : Website :

Address:12115 Rd 24 W, 255 13th Street Winkler Manitoba R6W 1S5

Description:Located across the street from Boundary Trails Health Centre, Katie’s Cottage allows you to stay close to your loved ones when they need you the most.

View in Map Phone : 2047244456 Fax : 2045372775 Email : Website :

Address:23147 Rd 93 West, Box 202 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Fay McEachern

View in Map Phone : 2047762025

Address:SE 22-5-18W Minto Manitoba R0K 1M0

Phone : 1204570210 Email :

Address:Dunrea, Box 67 Dunrea MB R0K 0S0

Contact:Kurt Cote

View in Map Phone : 2045283574 Cell : 2047202057 Fax : 2045283574 Email : Website :

Address:Box 62 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Dennis & Lavina Schram

View in Map Phone : 2045283306 Email : Website :

Address:Manhattan Beach Road, P.O. Box 62 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Aaron Sawatsky, Camp Director

Description:Manhattan Beach Retreat Centre (MBRC) is a beautiful 100-acre Camp nestled on the shores of Pelican Lake in the Pembina Valley, near Ninette, Manitoba. MBRC hosts several weeks of Family, Kids, Youth and Senior Camps for the Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario District of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. MBRC also hosts other churches, church camps, schools, reunions and community groups.

View in Map Phone : 2045283264

Address:149 Queen St. N Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Scott Mason

View in Map Phone : 2047243996 Cell : 2047243996 Email : Website :

Address:141 Prince Street, PO Box 26 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Stew Chalmers

Description:Certified Journeyman Plumber and HVAC Mechanic

Phone : 2047272305 Email : Website :

Address:Pleasant Valley, MB

Contact:Cassandra Jamieson

Description:Immerse yourself in the great outdoors without forgoing the comforts of home. Moonlit Canopy is a place to disconnect, experience starry nights and wild landscapes. Opening July 2021

Phone : 2045283513

Address:Ninette, Manitoba Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Wayne McDonald

View in Map Phone : 2045283545 Cell : 2045232224 Email : Website :

Address:Box 6 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Matt Neufeld

Description:Specializing in the installation, maintenance and repair of asphalt based shingles.

View in Map Phone : 2045283375

Address:158 Queen St. N Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

View in Map Phone : 2045282697

Address:136 Lake St. W Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Jim Tait

Description:Gas & Diesel

View in Map Phone : 2045283572 Email :

Address:320 Lake St W Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Jay & Jin

Description:Licensed restaurant with patio, beverage room with large deck, steak pit and VLTs. Single and double rooms with satellite TV & WIFI. Saturday meat draws start a 5:30 pm supporting local community groups.

View in Map Phone : 2045283594

Address:509 Calverly Street W, Box 52 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Darin & Colleen Korne

Description:Shop rate $80.00 per hour. Diagnose problems for free if you bring us the work. Please support local and give us a call! Contact: Shop- 204-528-3594 Darin- 204-523-6343 Bryan- 204-905-2034

View in Map Phone : 2045283312

Address:431 Queen St. N, Box 51 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

View in Map Phone : 2045282622

Address:324 Victoria St W Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Phone : 2048252093 Cell : 2048257004 Email : Website :

Address:Pelican Lake, Manitoba Manitoba

Contact:Eric & Gordon McKay

View in Map Phone : 2047762178 Fax : 2047762150 Email : Website :

Address:Box 96 Dunrea Manitoba R0K 0S0

Contact:Gerry Paradis

Phone : 1204729746 Cell : 1047244456 Email : Website :

Address:Box 202 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Butch & Fay McEachern

Description:Waterfront building lots for sale, 20 seasonal RV Campsites, landscape supplies and equipment rentals, boat mooring and storage.

View in Map Phone : 2045282624 Cell : 1047213226 Email : Website :

Address:SW 20-5-16 W (Valleyview Drive), Box 208 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Ken Kozak

Description:Campground with 45 full serviced RV sites.

View in Map Phone : 2045282620 Email : Website :

Address:300 Queen St S, Box 185 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Dennis Collingwood

View in Map Phone : 2045372487 Email : Website :

Address:451 Pleasant Valley Drive, Pleasant Valley, Box 490 Glenboro Manitoba R0K 0X0

Contact:Cheryl Berry

Phone : 2047246947

Address:Adjacent to Pleasant Valley Golf Club

Contact:Rod & Judy Ewen

Phone : 3064528899 Email : Website :

Address:Pleasant Valley, MB

Contact:Dustin Porter

Description:Offering excavation services for traditional and cremation graves, underground cables, water lines, hydro, landscaping and stump removal.

View in Map Phone : 2045283334

Address:508 Calverly St W Ninette Manitoba

View in Map Phone : 4317347867 Email : Website :

Address:Ninette Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Bryan Podworny

Description:Serving Pelican Lake, Ninette, Shilo and much more with septic tank vacuuming, portable toilet rentals and rural residential trash & recycling collection.

Phone : 2047302707 Website :

Address:Vallyview Drive, Ninette, MB (located at The Lakehouse Fitness & Spa)

Contact:Heather McCharles

Description:Offering salon and barbering services for all ages

View in Map Phone : 2045285060 Fax : 1877919868 Email : Website :

Address:210 Queen Street N, P.O. Box 46 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

View in Map Phone : 2047762004 Fax : 2047762396 Email :

Address:111 Wilfred St, Box 57 Dunrea Manitoba R0K 0S0

Contact:Reverend Philip Malayil

View in Map Phone : 2045283532 Cell : 2048818818 Email : Website :

Address:Ninette, Manitoba, Box 248 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Glenn Braun

Description:Septic and water hauling, portable toilet rental

View in Map Phone : 2045283535 Website :

Address:242 Queen St N Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Lagman Warriach

Description:Your friendly, full service Grocery Store & More! Full line of groceries, produce, fresh meat & deli., liquor vendor, self service gas pumps, movie rentals, lottery ticket centre.

Phone : 1204570339 Email : Website :

Address:Pelican Lake, Manitoba Manitoba

Contact:Sarah & Jason Phillips

Description:100% Seasonal RV Sites

View in Map Phone : 2045283584 Email : Website :

Address:355 Front St E Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Contact:Geoff Gregoire & Corlee Pushka

Description:Restaurant, Campground and Vacation Rental Home

View in Map Phone : 2045285400 Fax : 2045285409 Website :

Address:227 Queen St. N, Box 98 Ninette Manitoba R0K 1R0

Description:Hours: Mon - Thurs 10:00 - 12:00 & 1:00 - 5:00 Friday 10:00 - 12:00 & 1:00 - 5:30